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another mixed bag + p2ndb tailor


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Had a fish with tom (fishyman), starting late and fishing through till the morning.

Launched and within 10mins was dissapointed to see the 1st spot i had on the cards had a ship docked, so we fished a nearby light pool on the way out to the mouth.

Started off running some shallow divers around the lights, and I quickly came up trumps with a very solid hit and a 50cm tailor. This is the my 2nd best tailor from the river with the best going about 57. He took the lure very deep and was bleeding a bit unfortunately, I removed the hook without doing any damage to the gills and the bleeding stopped, hopefully he will recover in the salt water :(


I should also mention at this point that my new electronics were online and working, lowrance hds-5x and hds-5m (sounder and gps, seperate 5" units). VERY HAPPY with these, the definition is great, I can spot a lone pebble no worries. I've never seen the riverbed so clearly, being used to a low def black and white outdated humminbird my eyes were definately opened wide. weed beds i never knew existed, random boulders in the middle of nowhere, etc.

Anyway, we moved spots and yep, my other 2 favourite spots had ships on them too. bummer..

spent a bit of time playing with the sounder and seeing whats around, before heading to a snapper spot to try and get some pinkys.

Threw around some of the new glowing deepthroaters, no pinkys around but managed a couple of good flatties (released waterside and no photos). Tom got a few bream too. stalked up and down the dropoff with my sounder eager to find some bait or fish but the place was absolutely barren, very abnormal.

Moved spot again trying for a threadie or something. Didn't manage one but tom got a jew rolling a deepthroater across the surface. Saw a few busting up before we got kicked out by a very nice wharfie (not being sarcastic he is the nicest and most apologetic wharfie i've been kicked out by)




Thats what a successful release looks like, lol --^

So we moved again to another spot of mine. unfortunately it was dead quiet there. Moved a few more times and the sun is coming up by this stage. Settled on a completely new spot and I snagged a little 40cm squire on a threadybuster:


Played with the sounder again and saw some incredible bait schools along a ledge, so we did some drifts jigging lures through the bait schools for about half an hour. Had immense fun watching my lure jig up and down through the clouds of bait, but we did not see one solid arch on the sounder and didn't get a single hit, so all I can say is the predators were slack that morning as there were mass bait for the taking and nobody taking them :o

Being daytime now and me out of my element improvising was needed, so I tried a few things completely new and found a few more fish.

Got to a wharf with some decent eddies happening and started casting the threadybusters around. First cast I came up solid on a nice little jew, probably around the high 60's. Didn't measure and I can't show you the pics as they may be used in an article so you'll have to wait.

Also pulled up two decent estuary cod around the high 40's. Quite liking the daytime fishing its been probably a full year since i've done it :cheer:

Moved to another wharf and got a solid whack jigging the lure slowly across the bottom infront of the wharf, could not call what this fish was, it felt like a flatty but actually had some pull. Bit puzzled, turned out to be a little trevally (looks like a GT but with no black spot on the pec fin, i'm pretty sure its not a GT). He took the threadybuster very deep, bit of blood but some careful surgery saw the hook out and he swam away quite happily not bleeding anymore:


a few casts later and another good hit, similar fight:


I've caught one of these trevs a few weeks back under the gateway at a similar size:


as i said i'm not entirely sure what breed of trev it is, looks very much like a GT but I'm told without a black spot on the fin it is not so. Steve this is the trev I told you about last friday maybe you can ID him for me :cheer:

A ship was moving in to the wharf we were fishing so called it a day.

Wrote a bit more than normal this time, definately a result of too much medicinal rum but hope you enjoyed the report. I really enjoyed this session as I like catching a wide range of species and the trevs were getting to decent sizes there



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Ah Carangidae more identification keys than a grand piano and having trouble getting all online references up but here goes, some of this is from memory

C. ignoblis main ID key black spot at pectoral base which this lacks.

soft dorsal rays 17 to 22, anal soft rays 15 to 17, the rest impossible to determine from the pic

C. papuensis no black spot at pectoral base, soft dorsal rays 21 to 23, anal soft rays 16 to 19, dark upper caudal lobe the rest impossible to determine from pic

C.herberi no

C.lugubris no

C.melampygus no

C.sexfasciatus no

IMO C.papuensis

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nadders wrote:

yeah fair enough lol, regardless of what species it is or isnt, good to see a few trevs turn up anyway, would be great to have some surface busting trevs in the brissy on the regular wouldnt it :D

Sure would :cheer: I'm still waiting to come accross some queenies again :woohoo:

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