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Broke the Donut


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Well to start things off over the last couple of months i have been wetting a line with no luck no matter what i did or where i went... so anyway my partner and i finally tied the knot on the 27th and procceded on our honeymoon to the Hyatt Regency at Coolum on the second last day as the weather was overcast and drizzly talked the new wife into going to the Barra farm to try our luck(thinking there is no way i cant catch a fish now) we grabbed our hire rods and pellets and off we went with lots of action with surface boils everywhere a hour and a haf passes with not a thing , other than the 2 teenage kids across from us reeling in 3 big ones just to rub my nose in it, so i thught i'd go see what tactis they were using which was the sames as mine when one gives a exited yell that my wife was on!!! off i run just to see Hannah reel in a nice Barra much to her delight and my Chargin.


..so with renewed vigor i set off with a couple of bust offs a couple hours later and still nothing to show our time was up... withh the wife gloating all the way back to the car and my self in a state of fishing depression of to the fishing wharehouse too soothe my pride with a new rod...well after being corned by the tackle shop wizard i leave with a new shimano jewel 681 rod teamed with a stradic 100fi and 400 bucks less in the wallet.



Off we went back to the Resort and back to brissy the next day... well today i decided to give the new rod a go out at a nice little fresh water spot i know leaving around 4:50am i arrive to find 2 elderly gentleman fishing with live bait and not a hit i decide to try my luck anyway and start flicking around with a ecogear sx487 lure and landed a little bass not even worthtaking a photo of... i persisit for a while longer when my lure was whaked hard and a nice fight end up pulling in a 50cm Yellow


...."Finally A Fish" continue on changing up some lures as no more action just resulting in 2 lost lures buy hey cant wipe the smile of my face..i call it a day and head home..now to plan my next adventure as i have leave till 2nd of Febuary so if anyone wants a fishing buddy drop me a line ..

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let me know when you want to go fishing next christo keen for anything weather its fresh or salt


well I'm gonna give sharking a go bright and early tomorow morning, although I'm not looking foward to the couple of kilometer walk to get to where I think I'm meant to fish haha check the going fishing notice board. I am going to Shultcz canal tomorow morning, get there around 5, walk for about 30mins to the spot then try my luck with some live mullet

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