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Hi guys,

with the good weather forecast this morning I decided to try something a little bit different for me. put the boat in in the northern bay around 5am, hoping to get onto a few macks and other pelagics over the day

hit a few beacons halfway across but the doggies weren't around, tried 2 beacons without much success other than 1 average doggie dropped at the side of the boat and a friggin out of control sea toad. managed to get one doggie on board a little later trolling a deep diver around. no surface activity could be seen for a while until we got closer in to the mainland where there were plenty of mac tuna busting up

they weren't overly hungry for lures either, tried belting a few larger slugs i was using at the beacons but they weren't taking, and we didn't have any small metals in the boat.

managed to hook a mid sizer up on a 16g threadybuster after much maneuvring and chasing the schools, I managed to line one up perfect, got infront of the pack, they went down, then popped up again 10m from the boat.

this little feller gave some line burning fun on the 10lb setup




On the way home I dropped in on a customer who lives up D'bay direction to drop off some lures, he had also been out for the morning and scored plenty of doggies and a few longtail, seems all the mackerel were further south than I was

Had some fun anyway, not having chased the pelagics around the bay more than once or twice before, conditions were great was cruising comfortably in the sea wasp at 35k for most of it



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yeah they go pretty hard, my experience with pelagic speedsters is limited to big TLDs pretty much. since my mind is usually in river mode i was expecting alot more fish than what popped up, the speed and duration of the first run would take a very big thready to match lol

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