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Nothing much.. but its still got fins!


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Thought to myself that I wouldn't allow the year to end without having a catch to smile about.

Tossed and turned and finally made up my mind to hit the water rain, hail or shine.

Well, Lady Luck smiled on me today and allowed me to have this!

Not much, but it'll definitely do!



PS: Still keen, in fact fired up for another fishing session! If anyone has a slot or is looking for company/deckie (first timer though), l'll try my best to make it!

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christophagus: All's good when you're beside water eh! Thanks!

Young_fella: Gotta love your editing skills dude!

eg_vtec: Power of Dreams I say! Honda fan much?

Angus: Thanks mate! Too much time on this forum will actually make you want to go out and catch some fish!

Anyway, anyone planning a trip tomorrow?

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Nice little flatty lance. I know what you mean with the weather.

I decided to have a drive around the Redcliffe area looking for land based spots.

All along the forshores it was blowing south easter 20-30 knots.

Went around the corner between Scarborough and Newport canal, hardly a ripple.

Managed to get a very very small flatty for my efforts.

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