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Brisbane River lure session 24-3-11


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Went for a fish with a mate from work who said he would put me on to a good fishing spot as long as I didn't tell anyone.. hehe

He wasn't wrong! We were using Threadybusters v1.0 in white and white glow.

I wasn't sure how these lures would perform but I was pleasantly surprised!

I am sold Nadders! Can't wait to give the v2.0 a run.

We ended up with a 60cm Jew, roughly 12 squire from 20cm to 40cm, about 13 Flathead 40cm to 65cm, one Tailor 40cm

and the highlight was a 107cm Threadie!

I may get a pic of the Threadie soon as its on my mates phone.

All fish released well except the Threadie :unsure:

We swam it twice as the first time it resurfaced:(

but after the second swim it kicked off strong and wasn't seen again.:cheer:

I only hope it was ok!

Please feel free to PM me with some cheap reliable no fuss release weight options..

Up the mighty Brisbane river!

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sounds like a good sesh mate glad you got onto a few.

heres a link for the release weights:


i've seen some touch and go releases and had one actually recaptured a few wks later btw



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