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Thanks Mr. Bribie Island for my PB!


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Just got back from my usual late night trip to Bribie Island.

Was pretty crappy weather. Shower on, Shower off, Shower on. Gusty winds swinging around.

Dropped an absolute stonker of a flatty right at my feet. I'm guessing 70-80cm gave a fantastic fight. Got to love those thumping head shakes! It all went a bit quiet until I threw my 3" natural shrimp under the bridge into the opposing lights and as soon as it hit the water... ZZZzzzzzzzz off my Stradic ci4 goes.

A nice solid run by my new PB 65cm Jewie. After the dropping of the flatty I was packing it trying to get it back to shore as I was out a fair way. Good night for me, especially after my Lost World ordeal!




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