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First Report- Wello Point 28-4-11


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well having finished work on the north side of the city tonight and driving back to capalaba there wasn't much time to get dinner organised before the argument started as to what the missus and i would watch on t.v.

Royal wedding vs Broncos!

Having decided a take away would be best, and cutting my losses and having to watch the wedding i thought up another cunning plan.

Ill get a take away from up at wellington point thus giving myself the chance of a quick flick around the turn of the tide around the jetty and boat ramp.

Started off flicking a 5" jerk shad in the lime tiger flavour as had some luck last time with these but to no avail, remembering that i had burried some 5" jerk shad glow " glow in the dark" at the bottom of my box i quickly switched it over and after 3 or four casts over the small sand bar i was on!!!!!

Fought a nice sized fish for 5 minutes or so on the 4 lb braid and 6 pound leader only to lose what i guess was a nice flathead that spat me out!! leaving the plastic hanging at the spot it was spat for a good 10 secs but no second hookup!DEVASTATION

As you guys will be well aware ive been posting up asking for help using soft plastics a lot recently and my other post " continuous donuts"

with the time fastly approaching to pick up my girlfriends green curry i began peppering the same area with casts giving it the slow roll with occasional small jerk!

few casts in and BANG IM ON AGAIN!!!!

big fight and a few hairy moments round the mangroves and i get a nice flatty into the wall and reach for the leader praying that i can land him~~

As the rain started to come in again i jumped ship and ran!!!!

The smile on my face is ridiculous !!!!! thanks guys for all your help with my previous posts!!!!

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