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3 days one report.


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Friday hit up NPD big donut but plenty redclaw. Henry ended up with a bunch of tails because I had no room in the fridge to store the whole ones.

Was supposed to got to NPD yesterday but called it off because I was stuffed from long day on Friday.

Anyhow around lunch time Aaron bent my arm and we ended up at the pump station.Couldnt get on the jetty as it was occupied so we fished beside it till the young fellas moved on.

Aaron got a large eel and I got this one.


Fishing was fairly slow probably got around 8 bass between us with most of them in very poor condition with fin rot.


Back to the dam again this morning with substitute decky Jeff F.

All I could catch was a rotten mongrell forky. :angry::angry:


Jeff got a small bass around 25cm and a couple of nice tandans.


Good feed of claw with a few nicely coloured ones.


Bit jealous hearing about all the good fish others have been getting.

Son made it worse . He went to Baroon Pocket and had a blinder of a session and kept texting photos every few minutes.

Then heard of a report of a cod caught at Haig park. :sick:

Oh well back to the dam again in the morning with Tai and mate.



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Massive effort with almost endless days of fishing Ray! Well done! We'll have to hit up haig again over the coming weeks. In a fortnights time i should have a few days off during the week.

Top Effort once again!

Fish tremble at the mention of your name Ray ,

Women want you but fish Fear you! :woohoo:


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Ray, now you know how I have felt the last 2 trips to Monduran with me only receiving text and picture massages, but with none to send back :evil: :lol:

I heard Jeff has quite a big job on his hands with the claw capture.

Wondering if he is finished yet ? :lol::lol::lol:

I am guessing "no".

Thanks for the top fodder for the bottom feeders too :):)

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