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change of plans works


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mum and me decided to have a flick down at north pine river and there were a few people there this morning so we set up and only had worms so threw the pots in and waited whilst a guy on the jetty i think it was christophagus correct me if im wrong got a few on shrimp chucked on a few lures and went for a walk casting spinnerbaits cicadas jackals for nothing so about 9 ish we left and i decided we should try pine rivers park. this was my first time there but we only had to wait 10mins before we had a dh a couple of good sized tillies then mum was onto one about 35cm a bit more then i was on as well but he got off at the bank :pinch: mum then caught a turtle and went back to the car and as i was packing up hooked a solid one but he got off again :pinch:

will post video soon :)

not a bad session considering the circumstances will hav to get some shrimp and harras the bass soon

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