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Mussels at NPD 2/5/11.


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Back again this morning with Tai and Andrew to a beautiful day. Just a slight westerly till around 8am then glass out for rest of morning.

Did the shrimp traps then baited up the redclaw pots.

Got a mussel in one of the empty pots when i pulled it in.


First one I have seen there for ages. They were plentiful when the drought was on and the pigs used to feed on them.

Finally got down to the island around 9am and found this bloke who had been doing ok.


True to sods law the fish shut down as we arrived.

I did manage one small one.


Introduced Andrew to the art of gar fishing.(Getting plenty of use out of the austackle travel rod so easy to keep under the bow as a spare rod.)


Ended up with quite a few buckets of redclaw on the way back and I enjoyed watching the worried look on Andrews face with a few redclaw running around the boat.

Thanks for the company guys I enjoyed the day and thanks to Alicia for a delicious breakfast.



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There are a massive amount of mussells on the banks of the upper brisbane post floods. I have never really noticed them before, but Angus was saying that they were very big.

One bass is better than none Ray, and it sounds like the claw kept you amused at others' expense :P



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didn't know you could get freshwater mussels. are they worthwhile bait (or food even)?

They are rubbish bait. Have heard of people getting crook from eating them. Ted and I discussed it yesterday and he and 3 mates ended up very crook from them when kids.

As Ray said, the pigs like them. So if you have a pig gut or even a pig tongue ( I imagine lol) they might be good to go. Not worth the organ transplant imo. After I die, I'd be devestated to find out that any of my donated organs (especially my tongue) were used to save a mussell-eating pig :lol:

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