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NPD getting bigger


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Arrived to a beautiful morning on NPD


Trolled down the dam for the usual nothing, so found a nice dropoff and was on right away for a double hookup on bass


Was surprised to see one ofthem was a 47cm model, first of the larger girls for the winter season. This was overtaken shortly afterwards by a nice 49cm model. All up I got 24 bass with 3 of them over 40cm been awhile waiting for these to come back on the chew.

Fish while you can


Couple more pics



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I was up there also as I was the nominated gate nazi. Thought that there would be a big queue at the gate but there was only Dino and one newby there.

Had the company of Laurie and fellow AFOer Glen ( Woodlaz)By the time we did the shrimp traps and then baited up the redclaw pots it was 9am when we got down to the tip of the island. Couldnt see much on the sounder ( Dino had already caught them)so we went over to the far boundary marker to see if anything happening,

Tried all the usual spots and not a bite.

We could see Dino sitting on a drop off in the middle of the paddock so after a quick phone enquirey we went over and joined him.

I got a small bass on the trusty camostick,Laurie got plenty of bites but was too trigger happy.

Glen got his first bass which even being small put a big smile on his face.


We hung around for an hour or so but nothing further so back to the pots for a good feed of redclaw for Laurie and Glen.

Here are some random shots.







Thanks for the companyguys I enjoyed the day.



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Nice work mate, can't wait to get into some of those big schooling bass! Might have to come out for a masterclass one day, Although now I think I have my sounder fitted properly, I should be able to see whats down there :)

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I dont think it will be long now waiting to see what size bass remain in dam. There wasnt a great deal of over 50cm plus caught last year but there was enough to keep you interested. After some of the catches below wivenhoe it will be interesting to see if any remain in there also.

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It was an awesome morning. Can't wait til I get a bigger, edible specimen. Good to see Dennis out on the water.

I'd like to throw out a huge thanks to Ray, as usual he provided the goods. Was nice to meet Laurie, good company all round. Oh and thanks to Dennis for finding the fish. Looking forward to next time.



P.S. Mum wishes to thank ya Ray, said the redclaw where her best mothers day present. I think she felt a bit bad about cleaning the as the heads were still moving when removed from the body. I just told her, think of em as a pest and that there are billions more around. After about the 5th or 6th claw she cleaned, it was just natural to her :)

All in all, a brilliant day had by me.

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