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Broady Bream before brekky


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Had to head to the GC to pick up my new Snap rod so I thought I'd throw in a li'l flick and brekky with the outlaws at a favourite cafe.

Glorious morning, a little chilly but great to be up and out just the same.


Hit the Broadwater Parklands and started throwing little atomics over the surface to blood the new Steez.

Second cast and I was on. Landed a fiesty little breambo near the wetland regeneration park. Great fun, not a tournament winner but happy to blood the new reel on it's debut.


I landed a minor upgrade in the same spot a couple of casts later, then just kept walking/casting and enjoying the morning with the li'l lady but still had time to pose for a few happy snaps...

I'm on a mofo'in' boat!!!!



Saw 51mple and his possse frolicking in the shallows and pulling in breambos and lizards. Had a little lizard myself take me at my feet but it spat the dummy (Chubby) as I reeled him back in so with time called by the ref, it was time for breakfast.

Savoury mince, scrambled eggs, toast and a hash brown with two coffees topping off a quick, successful little flick in perfect conditions definitely put a smile on the dial.

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Thats a hot combo, I contemplated getting a Steez for my Samurai but opted for the Certate Higear 2004CH, which will hopefully arrive this week :whistle:

KAF - Hi Gear Certate - Niiiiice !!!

Doobsy nice report mate, you ever need a deckie spot next time you're out let me know, those boats look the Biz !! definitely can head out a bit further off shore though :whistle:

Loving the Steez too mate, thanks for the nice little read & pics

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Cheers guys.

KAF - Was gonna get the HG too but the Steez popped up at a great price. Matches beautifully in terms of colour as well. Serious weapon now and is so light, it feels like flickin' a chopstick all day. :lol:

Manni - Spots are limited. Heading out off Mud next week so I'll see if I can fit you on board.

Sweresy - placed SO very gently. A scratch would NOT be tolerated.

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plllllease dont scratch my reel. ;(

hahaha.. thats what I was thinking when I saw that shot...except its not my reel :D Couldn't you find a patch of grass?? or be a gentleman and lay down your jacket for the reel?? hahaha.

I love that spot.. I think I might hit it for a sunrise session soon... its just such an easy place to fish.

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