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Some of my fish ;)


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Hey folks, here are some of my fish that I own and have previously owned.

The videos are old though.





Hopefully get more video and photos soon.

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Enjoyed your vids, Dudzy.

You are the cod whisperer. :lol:

How old is he ? In his second year ? What size pond ?

Spangleds are one of my favourite tank specimens. What are youfeeding them in the video ?

I just picked up 3 new spangleds yesterday for a sojourn in my Coal grunter tank.

Very cool B)

PS There is a Group I created on AFO for Aquariums Ponds and Backyard dams

Come and join in. I have a couple of vids on there.

Just saw your youtube page. Is your cat named after me ? :P:lol:

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Hey guys cheers for the feedback.

Sadly the Cod isn't with us anymore, he choked about a year ago on a tandanus that was 2ft long and pretty fat :(

Murray was about 2 and a half foot when he died.

The videos are pretty old and I'm actually starting our new pond soon, this ones gonna be a cracker of a pond too.

Haha ally-cat, I never thought about the resemblance in names haha

I'm feeding the spanglies frozen bloodworm in the video, they go wild for that kinda stuff aye.

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Not finished the pond rebuild yet Dudz ?

Not yet, she's not an easy job this one.

I'm thinking I will have to do a fences to keep it 'legal' haha

Also I have to plant alot of plants along our fence line cause I dont want drunk yobbos walkin past at night and throwin sh*t in the water.

But I'm lettin ya know right now, when its complete I will be swimming in it haha :P

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Lovin that pond/pool Steve.

Removed some more of the bamboo today, holy crap I hate bamboo stumps... dug in reallllll hard aswell.

Added 3 Dovii to the tank today so they will be going in the pond next summer to get some more size on them.

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Ohhhhh mate, they look awesome Steve. Is that in Aus?

Cod Jack and toga? steve you are an ideas man I tell ya hahaha, thats a dream stocking for the new one aye.

Have kept a large Jardini in my pond a few years ago before Murray was in there and I should of put a net over the top.... He used to jump at the plants around the pond and birds aswell so one day I came home to find him in the garden.

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Yeah... i am just in the process of getting rid of my 8 x 2.5 x 2.5 and setting up a 12 x 5. I have been lucky enough to have some really cool fish which have included lots of amazonian stingrays and an Arapiama Gigas. I will have a look for the thread and post some pics.

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Cheers mate.

I got him through Smiths aquarium at Boondall, those guys hold some pretty good quality fish there.

This guy and his three siblings are in the same tank as two other convict pairs and I love watching the Dovii's smash down like 50+ convicts aye.

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