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wet a line for the first time in the mbc


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had a late start today and ended up out the bay for a crack at hitting 8 species.. i did end up hitting 5 small specimens :) cod,snap,whiting,tailor and bream.. no real size to them but felt good to get started with the fishing.. now i have the next 2 days solid in the bay to upgrade to a size worth while ;)

not on the list but still fun


baby snap


small cod, but found a good concentration of them to work


small to medium tailor




small bream



well hope to have a go at a decent snapper tomorrow and hopefully find a sweetlip, flathead and a trev

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Looks like the little snap got your lure close to the bottom judging by the front treble, or is that just a leaf ? :huh:

Good to see the hard bodies getting a salty workout.

i was actually stuck on the bottom and while i was ripping on the lure the lil snap hit it and helped get it unstuck lol :lol::lol:
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