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MBC 11 Update


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Hey Fello Competitors,

Hope you are doing better than me. I have only had 1 chance to fish due to work and may not get out again which isn't good. But even worse I measured a 39cm snap (pitiful i know) and wrote the wrong number on the indentification card :blush: .

So unless something drastic happens I won't even have an entry to submit.

Looks like there are some good trevors to beat, but haven't seen much else apart from Plasticfantasic.

Good luck Bill.

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I've been fishing hard every arvo after work but these bloody 20 knot westerlies and kayaks in the open bay dont mix :angry: , i've been stuck close to shore and have caught fish but nothing worth the effort. Sundays weather looks ok so might have to make the most of it at the last minute and yeah I reckon most of the catches will be up late Sunday.



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