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Yakkin in the wind


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Thought I might put a a outline of my fishing activities for the week of the comp so here goes

Sat- Out with Dassa for an awesome session of Goldies, got three myself but all of them would've ended up not place getting so I didn't submit an entry for them. We also hit up a couple of other spots and ended up at Macleay for a Flathead at 50cm which I entered and also caught a couple of Bream and a couple of Tailor .

Sun- Yakking time, put in a Point Talburpin and headed down towards the powerlines picking up a few small Bream along the way. Hung around the area looking for Flatties to no avail so paddled back with the tide to Macleay to fish some structure there where I picked up a 34cm Bream which I think scored me a second place. Picked up a few smaller Bream and headed home picking up a couple of Choppers on the way trolling.

Tues- Had an RDO and worked it for a few hours for a 9.00 finish, wanted to chase Flatties so headed out of the Reddie Bay marina in the yak and turned south to see one fish on the surface attacking something else so I cast at it and hooked up instantly to a good chopper which I should've entered. Drifted around in the howling wind setting a new drift speed record for one Flattie of no size.

Wed- Wind was still blowing hard so hit up Victoria Point and Coochie in the yak paddled around everywhere for one really small Flattie.

Fri- Hit the Log Barge in the yak with a mate only to find a guy anchored right on it but still managed a small Squire and a few Choppers on hard bodies.

Sat- Out with Dassa again to hit up the Trevs at Dunwich but they didn't want to play, ended up with a couple of mini Gt's and that was it for the day.

Sun- Late start in the yak at the flats infront of Tingalpa creek, paddled all round the flats over to the front of the yacht club past up towards the wading pool and back for you guessed it one small Flattie. Here's the good part the tide was going to be high at 530 at Cleveland Point and I check the submitted catches at about 330 to see this guy was in the lead with a 35 cm Snapper. So I relaunched at Cleveland Point around 400 and was asked by some bystanders isn't it a bit rough to be out in that thing, hell no and off I went. Paddled straight to my Squire spot took three casts came up tight on s Squire of 44cm. Paddled back in by 430 got home and put in my winning entry. Sorry to steal first place from you Kreel. ;)

So overall I did a crap load of paddling and it was a hard slog in the bloody wind but it was worth it in the end and in amongst all this fishing I still worked a full 38hr week. Till the next comp.



My submitted entries




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Nice work mark, thats a lot of paddling but good to see you have a win (squire) :whistle: After being overseas, work and away on 4wd trip have not been fishing in ages. Will have to go stretch the arms a bit, maybe some jigging action to try and beat my kingie record. Well done again on the win.


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