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Smell my fingers, that's the smell of success


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Hi gang, I was planning a big day on the water since the weather all week has been pretty good. Woke up this morning to grey skies, rain and wind.

So after watching fishing dvd's all afternoon and sulking I thought I'd better suck it up and brave the rain for another quick session at the local.

Once I arrived at near my spot, there was another guy parked next to me, he said "hey mate, don't bother ya won't catch nothing in there after the flood we just had, everything's been turned upside down."

"Thanks" I said and went on my merry way.

First cast was fired at the head of the pool next to a big half sunken log BANG.


Not the biggest bass, but put up a good fight.

Next cast fired a bit further along the log, nothing. As the lure got to the bank I lifted it out of the water and a big swirl came up under the lure, then a bloody big mouth broke the water surface, missed the lure and with an almighty splash descended back to the depths.

Put the next cast into the same spot and slowed the retrieve just a touch. Again BANG.



Fire the next cast further down stream, 3 cranks of the reel. WHACK ZZZZZZZZ.



(Sorry about the picture quality, I think my camera is on it's way out.)

Another cast up to the head of the pool.

On again.


A couple more casts up to the head waters resulted in a few misses. Then it went a little quiet.

Moved spots then the rain got heavier so I pulled the pin. I left with the sweet smell of bass success on my fingers.

Good short session again. Heading out to Maroon tomorrow to try my luck there.

Keep your eye on this space, might be another report tomorrow.

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