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Brisbane RIver 14/3/12 night time


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Just got back from fishing with Ovington and sehrguht on board. We put the boat in at the Kirra St boat ramp and headed towards the mouth with a bucket of livies that sehrguht picked up before I got there with the boat. It was about this point that I realised I forgot the sounder!!!

Tide was running out and I managed to catch my first ever Jew! It was only about 45cm, but happy to have caught one none the less. Wasn't much happening so we moved out a bit further where sehrguht picked up a couple of catties, but that was about it for the night.

Also got a visit from the water police early in the night, counted life jackets and informed me my anchor light isn't tall enough. Very nice and very helpfull fellas. They were good about it and gave me a couple of suggestions on where I could better mount the light.

Late in the night we got another visit from different water police. The female one was NOT friendly or helpful, also told me my light wasn't high enough (she sounded grumpy). So, I told her we had already had a visit earlier and that will pack it in for the night. No fine, so all good. Looks like a trip to the boat shop for a new light.

We said g'day to Bass Tracker who was out there as well and saw him at the ramp on the way home as well. Hope your fat lip is OK mate. I'll leave that story for you to tell.

I think I'll try again next week (with the sounder)....

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All round white light

An all-round white light shows over a nominal arc of the horizon of 360°. The light fitting must be located at

least one metre above the sidelights; and should as far as practicable, be on the centreline of the boat. As a

general rule, an all round white light should not be obscured by masts or other structures by more than 6° of

arc. If that’s not possible, or the light would shine into the operator’s eyes, a masthead light in combination

with a stern light is an alternative to an all round white light.

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