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Wish they would develop a console version as well :(

do you reckon a console would be powerful enough to play Daiablo?

I know nothing about PC games as I only play on console (like when its raining and fishing is off the cards :P ), but lots of PC games get made into console games so don't see why not. I read somewhere that Witcher II is going to come out on console and isn't that supposed to be all singing-all dancing state of the art graphics & stuff?

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Finally a release date then!

Better get stuck into Skyrim to finish that one off first!

And then perhaps finish FFXIII

hahah yeah you gotta finish those quick! I never bought Skyrim cause I knew Diablo was going to come out either q1 or q2 and once it's in my hands every other game is going to collect dust.

See you all fellow Diablo gamers @ May 15th

Tight lines till then,


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