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Fishing off the bank cooby dam


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Plastics work fine in fresh water, for a place like Cooby I'd use a paddle tail plastic ( Sliders, squidgee fish etc ) on a beetlespin jig attachment. These are good for exploring new ground and can be worked very slowly. The beetlespin swims the lure off the bottom and helps avoids the snags. ( Works like a simplified spinnerbait )

This lure setup is my favourite yellow belly lure which is what your likely to come across in Cooby Dam.

The trick for yellas is to slow everything right down.

Your TT blade will work well too, just try to keep it in deep water as they snag pretty easily. Work this one as slow as you dare with a steady slow roll, put in the occasional hop to throw the vibe out.

Your normal estuary setup will do for tossing out a beetlespin, say a 2500 size spin reel on a 7ft 2-4 Kg rod. 8-10 Lb line.

As for the little bloke just dig some worms with him which is all part of the fun. Use a float so he can see the fish playing with the bait and he could pull out anything from a spangled perch to a cod. ( wouldn't that be cool )

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I fish Cooby a bit from a kayak and the thick weed on the edges is a real problem for lure fishing.

The best spot to fish landbased is the rocky area towards the wall but is steep and slippery and not suited to the kids. Cressbrook might be a better option, plenty of gar and bass in there as well as the yellowbelly you would be targetting at Cooby. And if you do fish Cooby, take livebait. Mullet Gut Marine on the way out of town has shrimp for sale most of the time and current knowledge on where they are catching a few

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