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Port Rock-Wall ( Southern End)


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Headed off this morning to colmslie boat ramp, dropped the boat in and snared the last park in the over populated boat ramp.

Got to the boat and forgot the Key!!!

Reloaded the boat and travelled home to get my key, passed 3 boats on trailers when leaving.( returning and finding a park there not an option)

Headed home then onto the port ramp, launched the boat and tried my new baitcaster around some old tibmer structures with no luck.

Headed to the poochute where i got a couple of dozen herring.

Found myself setting up camp around the front of the rock wall on the southern end.

Ended up with a 40 cm plus tailor, 9 sting rays ( one snapped a rod) 2 shovel noses and a just undersize snapper.

Good bit of fun on my own !

Pan friend up the tailor.... Yum Yum.




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