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Manly Sunday 13/08/06


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Gday Y'all.

Well we ditched the Mt crosby trip today.

The gar will have to wait for a another time.

With the lack of rain we have been having it might not have been to successful anyway.

Mat and Troy were raving about there day at Manly so Terry, Mat, Troy and I decided this might be a bit of fun. Worst case scenario: a lot of pike which at the very least would be entertaining.

With a stop at Tackle warehouse on the way to pick up some slugs (for Long Tom) we arrived at Manly harbour at 10:00am. The four of us were planning on hitting up some Long Tom first off, however the tide was quite far out so we head to harbour instead for hopefully some Pike and Trevally.

After flicking at the pontoon for only about 5 mins Terry was onto his first fish. (Good work to Terry his first fish on SP). Turned out to be a little Choppa Taylor and was quickly released. Not long after Ando was onto what was miscalled as a bream. Was actually a little Squire. Great to see fish like this coming right into the harbour! Not long again and Troy landed a nice little Giant Trevally. By this stage i was getting worried at still having no fish but the day was young and i was not to be worried for long.

Over the next 2 1/2 hours I managed 7 fish (6 Pike and 1 Moses Perch). One of the Pike was a monster. (Troy waiting on you for the measurement)? Also dropped two very close the edge.

Mat Managed in addition to the Squire another 3 fish, a Moses Perch and two Trevally.

Troy in addtion to the first Trevally caught another 5 fish, 2 Trevally, 2 Moses Perch and a Pike.

We did got back to the Long Tom spot X however besides a couple of follows had no luck.

All in all i had a great day and am really feeling some more confidence with the SP's. Next time ill be hard for one of those Trevally.

Mat and Troy stayed on longer than me so pictures and im sure some additions to what was caught will be added here later. You will notice that presently i am in the fish lead :P

Good fishing all.


PS Photo with my first pike for the day.

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Sounds like a good day. I would have loved to come but i had to stay home and get ready for stradbroke trip..

and too bad about the longtom Angus, maybe next time.. they really are awesome to catch.

how big was the squire that mat got?


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gus: the pike you got was 44cms nabeels one from the day before was 45cms... and terrys tailor wasnt released very fast at all!! if anything it was dead after terry dropped it 5 times!

nabs: yeh the suire was pretty small

dave: ther is the rare jew there as we have heard but hardly any bream at all... way more trevs over bream

tim: i am going down again on thursday if you want to come then instead???

brian: yeh lots of fish caught on sps... i got some smashing hits by pike on liples crankbaits after gus and terry left when me and ando went to the mouth...


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lol. poor tailor. Angus: I have a pic of you and a pike, but the quality isn't good. I had the focus on the wrong setting:|

Also. If I remember correctly, Ando did a similar thing too:) (ok, but not quite as many times as me... haha)

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