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Big Salmon & Trout on plastics


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Hey guys,

I just returned from a holiday to New Zealand where I decided to give the Zman soft plastics a try on some fish in the Canals near Mt Cook...they didnt let us down and between 3 of us we landed 27 fish (5 trout,22 salmon) all over 4lb.





They were great fun in the fast water on 6lb braid and 2500 spin gear!

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That is amazing.

An NZ road trip is on the cards for Tanya and I at some point.

This has been enlightening as I enjoy seeing good fish caught on other methods aside fly :)


When are we going to see some fish caught on a fly.

When Angus works out how to put a hook in a fly and keep it alive.. :P

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They are hydro canals and the flow is adjusted depending on rainfall and demand for electricity.

The salmon caught are escaped fish from the salmon farms...each year they have thousands of salmon escape through holes in the nets and sometimes entire nets are broken releasing all the fish in that net straight into the canal.

The trout on the other hand are wild but are able to grow much faster and larger due to the pellets they feed on from the salmon farms.

These canals have produced world record brown and rainbow trout around 40lb

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