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Ashes 2nd Test Adelaide


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The ECB has reportedly asked Cricket Australia to drop Brisbane as a Test venue because of crowd behaviour during the spiteful first Test at the Gabba.

News Limited reported the ECB was unimpressed with the treatment of its players by the crowd and sections of the media before and during the Test.

Former England fast bowler Derek Pringle, writing in the London Telegraph, said senior members of the ECB were "astounded by the behaviour of Australia's supporters".

"Whether the fans or the tasteless propaganda in the local press drove the players, especially Australia's, to ever more aggressive taunts, remains unanswered, but whatever the reason, it took many, Alastair Cook's team included, by surprise," Pringle wrote.

The Gabba is regarded as one of the best Test wickets in the world and has hosted 20 Ashes Tests since 1933…..

Pommy turbine with a greaseless bearing take whines into the 2nd test.... :)

Oh dear,ease up Old Chaps, you have another chance to entertain on another batsmen friendly pitch

The modern whining cricket player, would be on PTSD leave ( no disrespect to any of our armed service personnel (or Trott) intended) if they had played in the 80`s and 90`s in front of home crowd supporters and their bowling attacks in India, Pakistan, West Indies. :lol:

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