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They Are Still There NPD 19/3/16


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Went to NPD this morning with Andrew and Mark.

As per normal I had a few minor mishaps such as leaving my walking stick at home with the thermos. Luckily i carry a kettle and gas stove in the boat so I was able to just fill the kettle from the dam so no withdrawal symptoms.

We picked up a couple of bass on the drop off opposite the end of koala straight before doing our shrimp traps and heading down near the fig tree where we picked up 30 odd small bass before deciding to give the float a try.

There was nothing doing there so back to in front of the fig tree where we got into them again before running out of bait

Final tally was 2 yellas, 1 spangly,12 forkies,70 bass under 30cm and 15 over.

It was interesting back at the ramp with a lot of small tilapia around 2 inches long swimming hard up against the rocks and every now and then a school of bass around 10 inches long would get stuck into them



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It was great to finally pick up a rod after about 7 weeks without a fish!  It's been so busy this term so it's a great feeling to finally be finished.  Lures were definitely slow out there yesterday.  Going to be trying a few different techniques so I'll see how they go.  


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