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4 Days At Borumba,


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I went to Borumba on Tuesday  to visit Rick and Joy who had been there since Saturday,
I stayed at the park just below the dam that was only$10 for an unpowred tent site,
I was not too happy after setting up my tent and discovering that I had left my camp stretcher at home and had to sleep on the ground on my air mattress. To make matters worse on Tuesday night the bung came out of the mattress and I woke up at 2am sleeping on the ground.I thought that the mattress had developed a leak and just went back to sleep. Fortunatly I had had a few of Ricks home made Jamiesons so i did not notice much discomfort.
I did have a few words to say when i found that the plug had come out.
Everything in the camp ground was neat and tidy but I really do not know how they get away with the small number of showers and toilets and ignoring basic safety regulations.Reckon there will be long queues for the showers over the weekend,
Rick and Joy did well with there redclaw pots averaging 100 for an overnight soak and 20 in the daytime all out of 8 pots.
I went for a troll on Tuesday afternoon after i set up my tent and only got a few bass that were not much bigger than my lures.
I tried for a toga for the first hour of a morning but after an hour my knees said enough so I resorted to trolling until I found a school and then would bait fish.
I ended up with around 180 bass for the trip with quite a few well over 40cm.
It was pleasant without the jetskis and waterskies but a couple ignored the regulations despite the signage at the ramp.
I did not hear one deer but the choppers were quite busy dropping off the shooters,
I will probably be back in late september and will stay from Sunday night to Saturday.

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