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Hinze Eastern Arm 7/5/16


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Four of us went to the eastern arm this morning. It was pleasant to find our pots untouched so with a good supply of shrimp we headed downstream and had to try a few places before we found some fish.

We pulled around 7 bass before the barred grunter moved in so moved again and had a total of 16 bass and 2 tandans before they went off the bite around 10am we persevered for another 3 hours without landing another bass .

 I finally met up with Glen S at the ramp so good to meet in person at last.


RayP5070457.JPGP5070458.JPGP5070459 (640x480).jpgP5070460.JPGP5070463.JPGIIIP5070465.JPG

I have caught a white tandan in the Condamine but even the yellas were white there due to the milky water but a yellow tandan is a new one on me.


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Thanks to Ray for another fantastic day on the water. We got a few fish rather than lots but they were excellent quality with most around 40cms or more.

Got my second best Bass at 55cms - what a ripper! Then to absolutely top the day was Dennis' spectacular yellow Tandan. Never seen a fish like it.

The eyes appeared normal colour to me. Dennis thought they looked blue. Have attached another pic of the Tandan being released.

Fantastic day and thanks again to Ray.

Spectacular yellow Tandan being released - Hinze Eastern 7 May 16.JPG

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