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Surf Was Up At NPD


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Went out to NPD to collect bait (collecting shrimp for the tagging weekend in June)

Went to load the boat, crap had not put batteries on charge from trip earlier in the week, so I knew it was going to be a short trip, no exploring, just do the pots and go home.

Got out there and the water was glassed out, lovely day - for about half an hour......

Then the wind came roaring in and was a good sized chop running.

Did my pots and decided to have a bit of a fish at the end of koala straight with the small shrimp while I was there. Being as my batteries were way down, rather than use the spot lock I went old school and dropped the anchor, was quite pleased I was still able to judge the wind direction and anchoring point so I was pretty much right over the mark I wanted to fish. Had to sit in the back of the boat though, the occasional wave was hitting the bow hard enough for the spray coming over the top to keep the front of the boat damp.


Even more impressed when I was hit on the drop and after a battle the first fish went 51cm! My first 50 of the year I think.

No real numbers, but much better quality fish than we have been seeing out there. Highlight was watching the sea eagle beat the crap out of a whistling kite that deigned to try and steal the spangled perch I had hit on the head and tossed out for the eagle. Whistling kite retired to count his feathers while the sea eagle grabbed the fish and sat in a nearby tree eating it.

Wind made loading the boat on my own a bugger, time for that electric winch with the remote control that has been sitting in the shed for 6 months to get fitted!




20160528_090948 510 490.jpg

20160528_101351 470 450.jpg

20160528_103548 405.jpg

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Yeah I couldnt eat and was worried about starving to death:lol: every time my top teeth hit my bottom teeth I got a shock. Result a root canal needed, when she said that Ithought I was in the wrong place, but the smile on my face quickly faded when the pain started. Up for $1300  well not me DVA now I have my gold card. Next new hips and new legs then a new wooden box.


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