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Offshore Nrth Straddie


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Apparently while really drunk friday night I agreed to teach some folk how to handle spb and fish offshore. 

Headed out today at 0300 from raby bay. made it to the bar by 0430. Before I left home I tried to transfer my routes to my phone but failed. Armed with no marks, we waited for a bit more light so the channel could be seen. With the tide 30mins into the run out we had a few decent sets in front of us. Made it out perfectly fine and we were off to shag rock for bait.

This failed so we went to the 7s. I got my first snapper on a knife jig. With the current at 4knts it was un fishable. This also ruled the rock out. Plan B... **** no marks... 

Having fished this area now for a long time, I knew a few spots from landmarks. Anchored up on spot X. The fish were on first drop. It stayed this way until the low tide change. Lots of decent Snapper, Moses and Sweetlips. 

Surprises of the day were, legal Hussar and a Red Bass. Hussar worked as I thought and was a gun bait. 

Left round 1100 back to Raby Bay. Few decent sets on the bar again but nothing bad.

Was a top day out in the end.

2017-02-05 14.51.06.jpg

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