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Drones What A Drone.


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Went for a walk this morning, boy am I sorry now, my legs are lucky to be able to hold me up, or as the old saying goes, lucky they dont snap off and stick up my ass. Whilst I was catching monster bass, ( well I got one first cast and it was the last ) or trying to I kept getting droned all the time, I dont know if it was the rangers checking on me or just one of the public having fun. I could hear it coming before I could see it, it went very high in the sky and a long way up the dam. A couple of times it went silent and I thought it was going to fall out of the sky. I also had lungfish blowing raspberries at me very close to the bank. As well as being droned I also was getting hit by dragonflies, there would be 2 or 3 in a bunch fighting for the right to have it off and they were not looking where they were going.

Then as I was leaving I ran into a dead fish of some type, is it a mary cod, a carp or a lungfish, I first thought MRC but then the tail looked funny.





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39 minutes ago, Binder said:

I reckon it is a lungie, they have bones in their fins, which is what that looks like.

I agree - but the mouth is not lungfish-like. Eels also have a narrow, longer head. 

The result will be veeeerry interesting. I was out there the other day @Dinodadog and nearly stepped on a huge buck deer which nearly had me putting on a new pair of pants as it erupted from the scrub and shot off. I saw hundreds of pig, deer, and wild dog tracks. Scary to think how close these animals are to the suburbs...

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