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Red Dog Days


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With all this recent hot weather and the start of some south easterlies i decided to give my good mate a call and see if he was interested in hitting up one of our favourite locations for some jacks.. this spot has been very kind to us in the past and rarely produces a fish under 50cm. The day started off with my friend collecting some fresh mullet for bait, as a lure fisho i got to sit back and have a beer while he got some nice sized poddys for bait.  The location that we fish fires better on the coming in tide so we didnt bother getting there till 8.30am. I decided to only take my light 4lb gear just to throw some smaller plastics at the smaller models while he hunted bear using 30lb braid and 50lb leader.. We hadnt been  waiting long when his huge bait was smashed and his rod folded over to the ground. We both knew this fish was a half decent one.  After a VERY torrid long fight we landed his fish of 86cm and im sad to say that after being git hooked  and swum for 40mins this fish simply wouldn't revive. Its the first jack  he had kept in 5yrs so he didnt feel to bad about keeping it for a feed.. we were atoled to say the least at the quality of this estuary jack.. 20mins later i was throwing around a 2.5inch slim swimz chasing breamin the current using 4lb braid and 12lb leader when my lure was crunched in a BIG way. This fish ripped off 100mtrs of line in no time and had some enormous head shakes. I called it for a big trevally. After 15mins of chaos it came to the surface 3 metres out and what i saw shocked me.. I was staring at a beast of a jack for the tackle i was using and after some nail biting moments i claimed my prize, a solid jack of 70cm.. After some quick snaps i swam the big girl and she swan away in perfect shape.. high fives all round and we were  ready to call it a day, but my friend had one bait left. To cut a long story short he ended up with a similar sized jack to mime to finish off the day. . I think ill be back to chase them again sometime soon. As a side note this place has produced jacks to over  1.1 metres in length and 13kg. Now thatd take some stopping on any gear i reckon..



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