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Hinze Western Arm 13/3/17


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Not a bad day.

Only half a sunrise.58c620f7eacc0_DSCN0876(640x480).jpg.e67ff8cefb067bc65a48fb2c4f8dee14.jpg

We are back to wearing the hard hats again as there are a lot of branches dropping again..

We had to relocateand repair some of our shrimp traps/( B Sharefarmers wish at least they could leave the bait containers in them and close them up again)

Soit was a bit late when we started fishing but we struck gold straight away. with a steady stream of fish coming on board.

The clouds started to movein and it was soon raining and blowing quite hard but it did not worry the fish .

 I did not use the counter to keep tally but I tagged 17 fish so we would have caught well over 50 fish between the 3 of us.

Only about 6 of the fish were under 30cm and most 35 to 40cm and a bonus was no tandans.

We could hear a drum beating and singing in the distance and next thing a dragon boat went past.


When we got back to the ramp there was 3 logan city coaches ,8 canoes and another dragon boat and lots of teenages there.

They were all well behaved,friendly and very polite

Probably camping at the environmental centre.



Good to see them enjoying themselves




DSCN0877 (640x480).jpg

DSCN0878 (640x480).jpg

DSCN0879 (640x480).jpg

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