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NPD 28/817 Bit Ordinary


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I had egg on my face today after telling all and sundry how well NPD has been fishing of late.

I have been delivering brochures for permits to NPD to all the local tackle stores and offering trips to anyone interested.

Peter Stanley from Mossips at Cleveland was very supportive to the PRFMA and to my surprise took me up on my offer and we arranged for a trip for today which was his first day off.

Things looked promising at the first drop off with a couple of bass hitting the landing net fairly quickly but then things slowed down and we struggled for the rest of the morning. To make matters worse one of the 6v deep cycle batterys for the stern mount motor dropped its guts and we only had 19volts under load so we spent most of the morning traveling at reduced speed on the bow motor and I did not go past the fig tree as the wind had also picked up.

On the way back to the ramp we pulled up at the end of koala straight drop off and picked up a couple more bass.

Tally for the day was only 10 bass with best one going 46cm.

Bit of a consulation prize was when we got back to the ramp was 2 other boats were also out and they both donutted.



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