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NPD Shocker 3/12/17


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On 12/3/2017 at 3:45 PM, Old Scaley said:

So @rayke1938 was that 152 bass for you and 2 forkies  for @Sparksie? Sorry Glen, couldn’t resist.:lol:

Thanks for the trip Ray, yeah did well on the weather and did very well on the dam. The forkies were all part of the plan to take the count past 150. I was a bit dorky though Old Scaley, was baiting the shrimp like saltwater prawns. Nice Yella Ray, closed it out in the last 30 minutes there with a good fish. Thanks for a relaxing Sundee morning.  


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5 hours ago, Drop Bear said:

Nice work still going! @tugger took me out to Palmy. Report coming. 

 I am yet to get a yalla. Do you ever take fish for the pan or is it a catch/release thing?

Hi D B

I took possession limit on Bass home to drop in the pan. After that it was all fun and return. Very lucky to get out with Ray, others might get the same chance.  :) 

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