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Rod Locker For Dropsy Droppy

Drop Bear

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In the spirit of "this is why we cant have nice things" I thought I would make a post.

I lost my love, the Sharp Shooter over the side last week as well as breaking my 4th... yes 4th Cheater...

So I need to learn how to look after my gear better... but in the mean time I have 2 questions.

1 - Can anyone recommend an ultra light rod for throwing sugar pens to whiting on and bream with 6lb braid that is; Cheap, light and takes a bit of a bump?

2- Does anyone have a favorite braid that they use for this light stuff. I will be putting it on a 1000 sienna. 

3 - Has any one built in a rod locker in there boat? I did a very rough drawing of what I am planning. Would this work or would it be in the way? Plan is that it would be the same height as the casting deck at the front and double as a seat. The bait tank at the back would be same height as the gunwale as I see most of them overflowing.



rod locker.jpeg

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I had a rod locker in the Hornet. It was very handy for storage and for transporting rods on long trips safely.

Having it the same height as the front and rear casting deck is a benefit that allows you to walk around the boat when fighting a fish without stepping up and down.

Mine had two stainless steel gate latches that you could put padlocks on for security. It would not stop someone for breaking into them if they really wanted to, but when travelling to destinations it was good enough to leave the boat to get a coffee or snack knowing it would take some time and tools for a criminal to access. 


Can't help on the rod side of things, because I look after my investments :P

Personally I use a 2000-2500 size reel on smaller stuff because I find less tangles and further casting distance because of the diameter of the spool, than with a small 1000 size reel. I found Nitlon braid and diawa sensor braid in 4-6lb range good.



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