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NPD 8/4/18


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Has a late leisurely 8am start but still managed a reasonably respectable tally of 66 bass and a couple of yellas.

Shrimp still scarce but plenty of small redclaw.

First place we tried we caught 7 forkies to one bass so we went to the floats with plenty of small bass  and then we made the mistake of heading off exploring to find some bigger fish with no result so we went back to the floats for some more bass and a couple of ok yellas. I only measured 10 bass of which only 3 were legal with the largest going 38cm and 665 grams.

Our resident gourmet cook prepared some delicious al fresco snacks for lunch.

Knocked off at midday when we ran out of bait.




npd8.4.18 001 (640x480).jpg

npd8.4.18 002 (640x480).jpg

npd8.4.18 003 (640x480).jpg

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