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Yesterday was not a very successful fishing day but we still both enjoyed it a lot.

This will have to be brief because I the family and I are driving to Melbourne tomorrow where James is shooting  in the national archery competition.  

In a nut shell the new block I placed on the total scan transducer was a winner. It's the best it has ever read and now reads at speed same as the P66 on the Furuno. The difference dropping it a further 20mm is amazing.

The new jigging out fit is brilliant and just what I was after.  For the first time I jigged up pearl perch in 80m of water and got 4,  in total 2 size and 2 under. Jame got one half way up before a shark got hold of it.

We got a few small reefies and flathead, missed out opportunity at some LongTails but James got a nice solid Mac Tuna as the sun was about to dip under the horizon.

Here a brief vid of James on the Mac Tuna. Best in full HD.

I suppose should have used bait, but we like the challenge of not caching fish. :P


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