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Not Much Biting Around Rockhampton Or Yepppon.


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1 hour ago, GregN70 said:

Hi all, this is my first post here.

I moved to Yeppoon about 12 months ago from Adelaide, I’ve been doing a lot of estuary & inshore fishing here but not really catching anything.  What’s the secret? 

persistence, research and trying new things. I can go for months without a bite then it seems to all turn out of the blue.

there are a plethora of rigs, bait types, lures etc for a fisher to always be trying new things.

Always handy to talk to a local tackle shop owner for tips too. Good luck mate

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2 hours ago, GregN70 said:

I tried lures but they don’t work.

so now I use baits. Get a few fish, mainly these ugly catfish 

Good on ya for trying a few things. the more you get out the more you will catch.

Welcome to the site. :)

Perhaps if you have specific questions they would be easier to answer. 

If you do catch something... even a catfish...( by the way they are pretty good eating...) Please put up a bit of a report and a few pictures? 

Thanks and nice to meet you. 


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