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longtail tuna

Tuna are fish

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7 hours ago, ellicat said:

How were the shoulder and arm muscles after the fight ?

Not to bad but I’ve still got the same problem out my left hand cramping when I wind with the right so I might switch everything to left handed reels


7 hours ago, ellicat said:

Admin are aware that there is a problem

Is there anyway to get around it, any external sites?

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On 31/12/2023 at 9:12 AM, AUS-BNE-FISHO said:

If you don’t mind using an external site you can make an account on Lensdump, upload your photo there and insert the link here.

Cant find any photo sharing sites that dont charge you and are trust worthy, so if you want to see the photos of the fish i have caught (mahi, cobia, tuna, snapper) just have a look at my insta @dan_beams 

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