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Shark Baits?


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Hi all, i'm new to shark fishing and i was just wondering what everyone rekons the best shark baits are, both out around Mud and St. Helena Islands, and in the River

Out in the bay, i've been using frozen pilchards, and very fresh, (caught the same day) cut pike baits. In the River, pretty much the same

Could everyone please tell me their favorite baits. whether it be pilchard, cut baits, or even old steak. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.:)

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I don't know too much about bay sharking. But have a good idea that whole dead Stingrays and both fresh and salt water dead Eels are good. But in the river we use big live Mullet and Luderick 30-40cms. We have used Stingrays, fresh and Salt water Eels a number of times but haven't had any luck. We get a lot of small Bullies on Poddy Mullet and sometimes Herring. Also we get a load of different fish as by catch.


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Mate so far from i have seen live fish is the go.

It does not seem to matter to much what sort of live fish either (make sure its legal).

I am guessing that once those hooks go in it its sends out those distress signals that attrach the sharks in the first place.

I have seen the best results on mullet and luderick caught in the cast net.

This aside i have had pretty good luck with mullet and pike fillets.

Good luck!


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