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Rod Setup


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Mate love to give you some advice.


please specify what sort of fishing you want to do????

SP fishign for bream and flatties etc?


Overall thought i got my SP set up from tackle warehouse for $100 bucks all up for the rod and reel. Worth every cent. I have caught stacks of fish on it this year. Great for lure fishing in general.

The reel is a Shimano Sienna and the rod a matching blank. Well worth it.

Ill eventually upgrade to something better. But for cutting my teeth woth artificial baits its been treat.

Angus [img size=400]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/Reel_002.jpg

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mate u could pretty much get 2 setups for $200 - u could get 1 sp combo like angus' one. Plus an ugly stick for sharks. i noticed you fish oxley heaps so an ugly stick would suit u fine. Just a basic 4-8kg setup would be sweet.


Heres some stuff on ugly sticks i noticed these prices were pretty heavy, but i think i got my4-8kg combo for $75 at amart.


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Ando: He said $200 not $2000 :P .

Like Angus said it depends what fishing you do. If you fish for small sharks and vermin like eels, rays etc. Then probably an overhead set up is best. You can pick up a good ugly stick baitcast rod for under $100 and an Abu Garcia Ambassaduer6000 overhead reel for $99. Then just match it up with 25lb braid.

If you fish for vermin, small sharks and smaller stuff liek Bream and Flathead then maybe a 4000 sized shimano reel like a Sienna or Sahara would be best along with a 6kg rod. Maybe a Berkley Dropshot? That set up is about $200.


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