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Rays new toy.


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Ray has several new toys

Toy one.

Was reading trading post on line at 4am and saw ad for 4 stroke 4hp yamaha fot $675. Rembering Brians request about an auxillilary i read the ad and thought this may be for me ( Sorry Brian) waited till 6am and rang guy up. The motor is a 2003 model that was purchased for use with an rubby ducky but the owner found the rubber ducky too much trouble to inflate and deflate and store. So the motor has been stored in an locker on board his 45footer.

The motor is knocked around cosmetically with lots of scratches and rub marks but has only done about one hours use. I couldnt resist it and went straight over and brought it.The guy hadnt realised that it was so scratched and knocked 25 bucks off the price.

The motor has neutral and foward only and you have to swivell the motor 360 degrees for reverse. Should be the ducks guts for trolling at Glen lyon next week and Awoonga next month.

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