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fishing with troy and nabs in the river for bream


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Nabs troy and I fished the Brisbane river today land based. Using soft plastics and hard bodies. The day started off by me catching a little, tailor and two bream, after moving to the next spot nabs got some bream as well as myself. The end tally for the day was.

Me 4 Bream 1 tailor

Nabs 4 bream

Troy 0 bream


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Yep it was another great day fishing, almost caught up to ando but i had to leave :(

That win for ando makes it-

Nabs-3 wins

Troy-2 wins

Ando-1 win

This next week should be interesting guys:laugh:

and i thought that pinkenba has always had that 200m ban on. There is a sign on the big conrecete thing thats been there for a few years.. never stopped me from fishing there. and I think its banned because it wouldnt be very healthy eating a fish from there..:sick:


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