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Upper Bris R. 21/10/2006


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Charley, Chris, Micfun and myself did a pre-classic fish early this morning. We managed to avoid any rivallry despite being in two different teams lol :whistle:

But yeah pretty much Charley worked his magic and pulled in a 77cm, 2.56 kg shark. The biggest suprise though was the large bite mark in its back:blink: Something bigger had a go at it on the way in... Maybe we should have swam it back out with a pair of 10/0s:silly:

Charles (again) also managed to hook a reasonable sized pike eel, which managed to break his line and escape when it started thrashing at the bank. A waste of good bait methinks.:blush: We also caught a catfish and a bream. I rather suprised that we aren't seeing more catfish around yet. Not that I complain when I'm fishing for the bigger cats, but the small ones are annoying bycatch.

tight lines, and shark season is well and truely open:P


pic: down the gob! [img size=448]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/100_1084s.jpg


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They ones we have caught have all been between 70-80cm. Although that bite indicates that there is at least one slightly larger one in there lol:whistle:

We have also had some punishing hits from sharks that we never hooked. One memorable one in particular near on snapped my rod in the holder, all the while doing a somersault for us! Pretty impressive when they do that.B)

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Good work!

I have never seen a \"sharked\" shark in the river. Interesting stuff.

Terry they go up there to give birth hence the large number of smaller ones. However the largest sharks pics i have (curtesy of Neil Shultz) are also from exactly teh same vicinity. Check the photo galleries for what im talking about.

It makes sense after all, they go up there to give birth, so the mummy sharks must also be cruising around.


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