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What's this fish???


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Hey guys,

I'm new to the site but not new to fishing

I'm pretty bad when it comes to fishing, I like to call it feeding as I don't normally hook anything, to my suprise when I was bringing in my line this little fella was on the end of it.

What kind of fish is it????

[img size=251]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/toms_fish.JPG

**EDIT** Caught in the Logan river on a falling tide

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Hey mate.

Sorry to let you down but that is not a jew fish , I fish the logan a lot and yeh it looks like a jew but its not.

Did it make a bit of a grunting sound ? Becoz it is a River Perch.

You get a lot of River Perch in the logan river and they dont get much bigger then 40cm.


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Not saying its not a \"River Perch\" but do they have another name.

I ask because not one fish Guide or Fish ID Book or sie has any species called called \"River Perch\" listed. There is an Estuary Perch, but its looks almost the same as an Australian Bass not a Jewy.

Anyway just wondering. This is a piccy of a school jew taken from fishing noosa that just appears similar to me (just a bit bigger)! Even the scale pattern and all. [img size=396]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/jew.jpg

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River perch are in the same family as normal Jewies and their other name is Little Jewfish. So if you know for sure that it was a River perch, you can say that it was a Jewfish. The picture below is of both species, The Bottom is the River Perch/Little Jewfish. The top is a normal Jew [img size=200]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/Jewfish_from_book-37d9157af722ed8accd0b9ef3acff372.jpg


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To tell you the truth, I don't think its that fish either, the fish that I caught (I caught 2 in the same day) they had a mouth that is designed for sucking the bottom of the river/sea

Plus it had a big snout/nose, and when the mouth was fully opened it extended outwards past the end of the nose.

I think we are on the right track, maybe different family?

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Lokenfold, You're right they're a bottom feeding fish with their mouth extending outwards and down.

The kids like to catch them here but they are worldwide and you probably call them a different name.

Here, Atlantic Croaker - Micropogonias undulatus.... Queensland, Scaly croaker - Nibea squamosa.


Like many fish, colors change with water color.


They are in the drum family like this red drum.


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Looks like a perch that used to be prolific in the brisbane river 50 - 60 years ago. i have find memories of walking a mile from ekibin up to the tram at chardons corner and catching a tram into town with mum and dad and my two sisters. There used to be a bait shop below the old victoria bridge and we used to buy a half a pound of prawns and fish for perch with cherry blossom gut hand lines lines. We used to place a few drops of essence of aniseed on the prawns.

It was not uncommon to nearly fill a sugar bag with perch and sometimes we would get smashed up by a big jew.

There was a hole close to the bank just upstream of the grey street ( william Jolly) bridge that we used to avoid because there was lots of jew in it and we couldnt afford to lose our lines by hooking big fish

I think that dad also used to call them putty noses.

They were good eating when fresh but dad also used to salt and air dry them and they used to taste B A when mum used to serve them up on toast and white sauce.


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Red: Your USA croaker looks like what we call a \"Grunter Bream\".

In consideration of my other post, I'm pretty sure now its not the River Jew, based on: the mouth being the wrong shape, and the \"tendrils\" on the fins of the unknown.

Lokenfold: I would suggest that you stick a post on Ausfish. There is a much bigger user base over there so more than likely someone will know what it is, seeing how we bombed out here!

Ray: Trying to \"avoid\" jew :woohoo: Amazing how things how changed!:ohmy:

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Jordan, my friend Mitchell and myself went down to the Loagn River in hope of some Bullies. Though we didn't get one. In the first 5 mins Mitch pulled in a definate Jewie. Had the small teeth, purple tinge and light spots. I am 100% certain it was Jewie.

Near the end of the session he caught another fish similar to a Jew but I had my doubts. I just figgured it was a Teraglin but still I wasn't sure. It didnt have a purple tinge or spots, it was silver and didn't have the small teeth. It had teeth like a Barra and they shot forward like a Mullet or Golden Trevally's mouth would. Later on I found out it was a River Perch.

That fish you caught is also a River Perch. Like Marekk said they don't grow much over 40cm. They are quite common in the Logan and Albert Rivers but almost unheard of in other river systems.


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hi guys this could go on forever. you catch heaps of these littke fellas in the mary river but because of the muddy water they arereally golden in colour. i gave up trying to get a deffinate id on them 10 years ago after years of trying, we now just call them live bait :unsure:

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