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Social drinks anyone??


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Hey all,

We had a little discussion last week in the Chat forum about having some social drinks somewhere, sometime. It'd be good to have a get together to have a social chat and a couple of drinks, and a great opportunity for new members to meet some of the older vintages :laugh:. Considering this is a fishing forum and all the other meets have been around water... a watering hole is close enough :PB)

Now... my thoughts are : weekend, drinks in the CBD (central point for everyone), a place not too busy but with a vibe of the sorts.

For me... I'm busy over the next 3 weekends (but by all accounts don't hold off on this because of me) so the weekend of the 25th and 26th works well for me.

So here's my attempt at organizing this shindig:

- Friday 24th October

- From 530pm (till late for anyone who wants to party on)

- Belgium Beer Cafe (corner of Mary and Edward St) in the outdoor area.

Anyone keen??

Feel free to bring some mates along, particularly lady friends who may find a 20yr old bloke who catches sharks a good prospect (looking out for you Terry ;):P ). Great opportunity to meet and talk smack about fishing....of all kinds. Apologies to the youngin's who are under 18 and would like to attend.

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I would be keen as well, preferably not a Sunday though.

Got your PM Henry will see you on Wednesday. Might even be heading out tomorrow my mates down from up north, got some time off the mine.

It all depends on how I feel as weve got a big night in the Pig n Whistle tonight, so hangovers may dictate otherwise.

But yeah, I'll keep my eye on this thread.

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