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Sponsorship on all State Police Vehicles


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Apparently the BAC is the sponsor but the Brisbane Airport is logo going on. Difference is BAC is a Co that manages the Airport which is public property. either way I think it opens doors for the future with company's trying to get there logo on cop cars which is a bit suss. The BAC recons they would have been a sponsor of Crimewatch with or without the logo.

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werewolf wrote:

get some donut king decals on ROFL

Nah but seriously police have been crying out for years that they are underfunded by the government, so good for them for taking some inititive to bring in some much needed mula

shit you beat me to it i was gunna say dreamy dohnuts!

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So when the BAC executive gets pulled over for a speeding ticket, does he loose the points and have to pay it?

Edit: I just did the maths, according to the QLD Population counter here Population Counter

Dividing that number (currently 4,301,804) by $100,000. We would have to pay $0.023246. So less than 2.5 cents.

If the state government put up your rates by 5 cents, would you care? And the police get 2 x more, and there's no conflict of interest.

2nd Edit: My bad, if 5 people per family/household, this would be 25 cents.

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bogan wrote:

But does the BAC now own a piece of the cops?

Put it this way, the Police and BAC have always had a very good relationship.

When I was supervising the construction of the airport road back in 99, had a problem with cars refusing to do the speed limit, mentioned it to the Airport Security, and there were 6 (yes 6) motorbike cops there the next day handing out tickets. Filled their ticket books then went home, they were back 3 days running with similar results.

When ever I want police with Radar in road works with Main Roads, I have to pay for 2 "specials"!

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y Robyn Ironside

October 06, 2008 11:35am

POLICE cars throughout Queensland will carry Brisbane Airport Corporation logos as part of a ground-breaking sponsorship deal.

As part of a $100,000 sponsorship deal with Crime Stoppers Queensland, the BAC name and symbol will be carried on all police vehicles throughout the state.

BAC boss Koen Rooijmans said "safety and security was very important" to the corporation and the people using Brisbane's domestic and international airports.

"The police service dedicates significant time and resources to keeping Brisbane Airport safe and secure for our passengers, so it is immensely gratifying to assist such a positive initiative like Crime Stoppers," Mr Rooijmans said.

Who else could sponsor the police? Have your say

The sponsorship would assist in the promotion of Crime Stoppers and help pay rewards for information leading to the arrest of offenders.

Crime Stoppers state manager Trevor O'Hara said since its inception in 1989 the volunteer-based organisation had received more than 430,000 phone calls and taken 1851 website reports, leading to 16,500 arrests.

"Crime Stoppers Queensland has the highest rate of arrests in Australia and that excellent result is attributed to our 340 volunteers, who are spread throughout the State," Mr O'Hara said.

"Undoubtedly, this new major partnership between the Brisbane Airport and Crime Stoppers Queensland will provide much needed provisions for resources that our organisation will use ... to make our communities safer places to live."



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I understand the money ends up @ Crime Stoppers.

They get to advertise on every QPS vehicle in QLD for just $100K? The QPS could have charged 10x this.

To me, it sounds like some BAC executives had a very nice Gambaro's Seafood Smorgasboard with the police commissioner/staff to ease down the price a little

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on a side note its amazing that the airport gets to expand and knock down mangroves for developement..apparently these mangroves are not impotant enough ecologically..

however peel island (amongst other locations) is SOOO ecologically important that the government are going stop fishing there(nobody there does any damage)....amazing how this all works.

the government and the Brisbane airport are sleeping together im sure of it

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How good would it be, lounging around on the Bay with a line or 2 dangling overboard, some of our finest police-women in their standard issue blue bikinis with the chequered stripes serving up 1 standard drink per hour. Booty out the back organising the lads cutting up pillies for burly. All in the knowledge that the seas are safe and secure.

We can only dream.

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