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Noosa River


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Just seeing how much interest i can get for the time being.

thinking of planning a camping/yaking trip to the Noosa river.

Possibly up to 3 days. thinking between xmas and new years.

Will sort oout the logistics shortly. eg where we will camp.

Just putting it out there to see who is interested.


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Does anyone know this area to help plan this trip.

What i was thinking.

Elanda point to teerwah creek and back.

approx 32 k each way.

there are appox 15 campsites along the way.

We have to book in advance which site we will stay at.

Is just over 20k to far to padle in a day for 3 days

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Sparksie wrote:


Would Boreen Point be an option?

Then yak down to end of lake and into section of river from lake, down to North Shore...

Certainly an option. I was just thinking the the everglades area would be more scenic with the possibility of fresh ans salt water fish in the same place.

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I fished the noosa mouth yesterday, stingrays and sharks.Then got pulled up by the cops because they hadn't seen a scanoe planing before. Its been a bit lean for live bait and the yabbies are few and far between.

I may be up for a paddling trip. Depends if I can find someone to paddle the other end of the scanoe.

I'm pretty sure that Boreen point is pretty secure even at christmas.



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