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Fuel tank finally finished


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The welds are not the prettiest but they do hold pressure.

It was funny when i presure tested it i filled it up with water. I had a mate put his hand over the inlet spout whilst i pumped the outlet with the compressor.

The sides started to bulge.

When he released his hand a fountain of water at shot out of the tank and hit him squarely in the chest. Neally knocked him off his feet.

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shortie wrote:

I finally got around to finishing the extra fuel tank for the boat.

It was originally the kill tank that i found totally useless.

Now i can carry an extra 70 ltrs of fuel.

:lol: it only took how long?

why was it totally useless ? ;)

more room for stale fuel ay :lol:

how's the live bait tank comming along :laugh:

better get in up and running soon, cool weather is just around the corner ay!

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Yep its only been cut out of the boat for 2 years ready to weld up

It was useless because of its design. It had a bung in the bottom. To empty it you opened the bung and the blood and water just went into the hull. Dam stupid if you ask me.

I just use the esky now.

Yes the bait tank/live well is another project. lol

The old 1 is out the bait board is out. The design is done. Might finished it sometime in the next 2 years. lol

Been using this as an excuse not to use the boat for some time.

Been thinking i dont even need a boat as i Have friends with boat. There you go Rob a perfect excuse for you to put NO Name on the water. lol

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I didnt put any baffles it. because of the v shapped bottom and where it is positioned in the boat it should have little effect.

Only problem with the V bottom is putting in a fuel gauge. The first half of the tank will seem to last forever the second half will disappear on the guage very quickly.

Only way i can see to overcome this is to put a fuel flow metre in line.

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