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gauges and accessories


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g'day all. just wondering if i can pick the brains of some fellow boaties.

when i used to race cars we had a few essential gauges to have, oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature.

just wondering what the vitals are for boats? engine hour meter, tilt/trim gauge, rpm, speed, fuel gauge, voltage meter, oil????

(fuel tank has a level fuel gauge, will find out if its accurate though)

i've had a look at bias and prices seem quite high? higher than the gauges i used to buy for the car. are there particular brands i should be sticking to? am i better off going to a single unit which does digital and everything?

thanks in advance



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eug, personally i go for water temp, and pressure, you can keep a close eye on an impeller this way, volt mtr. hr mtr. to help with running time n service records,should fill up the dash. trim's not necc, as you will find a sweet spot that the boat likes.


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I agree with rob however i do like trim as well.

An all in 1 gauge can be a pain. If it fails you have the potential of loosing all featured.

I also like a tacho.

A tacho along side a trim guage is great you can see exactly how the trim affects your RPH and speed.

Speed i use my GPS.

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